The Popularity Of The Forbidden Fruit Strain

20 Feb

As you might already know, the forbidden fruit strain is a context that's been taken in origin of creation and from Eden's garden. One thing that you should know about this strain is that's quite potent and interesting since it's part of cannabis. Many say that this forbidden fruit is a dankenstein. This means that it's a blend of two or more potent strains that results in an even stronger strain of cannabis. You can learn more from this link about forbidden fruit strain.

Also, you should know that this strain has a balanced property. Its taste and the same are also making it popular. In the current market today, recreational cannabis users are looking for forbidden fruit strain. It's also known to provide an intoxicating effect on the body. However, you should know that this strain helps you relax your mind.

While having elements of sativa, the forbidden fruit strain is also classified as an indica type. To summarize this combination, it's 30 percent sativa and 70 percent indica. That means it's a well-balanced formula. The forbidden fruit strain is also something that's popular among growers and users. This is due to the fact that this strain has quite the THC content. According to laboratory tests, the THC content can range from 23 to 27 percent.

Also, you should know that this kind of blend was from the citric tangy strains and the flavor rich cherry pie. There are several blends that are like these, but you ought to know that this was developed by Dutch growers. Another thing that makes the forbidden fruit strain great is the fact that it possesses a unique terpene profile. Adding to that, it also has a bud structure that's both dense and beautiful.  Also, it's known to have wiry orange hairs, rich deep tones, and green foliage.

Characteristics of the forbidden fruit strain

When it comes to the most distinctive characteristics of this strain, you should know that it's got a strong smell. This smell is associated with the blend of passion fruit and of a citrus one. Ingesting it also lets you taste the fruity flavor from the smell. After that, you'll feel the rich indica flow through your body. This strain is ideal for relaxing and lets you feel in control while doing so. Of course, even if you feel relaxed while using this strain, you should know that you're still in control all the time. So if you're looking for the recreational strain that you can use, then getting the forbidden fruit strain from the market is quite recommended. 

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